Senator Schumer On Bipartisan Efforts To Fund The Government and the House #shorts #short #democrats

Senator Chuck Schumer expressed his worry in the Senate about handling the upcoming government funding date. Speaker Johnson sent the US House on vacation for two weeks, time that would end very shortly before the government funding bill must be passed.

House Republicans should choose whether they want to get any credit for passing critical legislation in Congress. Otherwise they’ll be choosing to stick with Trump who is actively working against Congress, and therefore, against America. All while he’s trying to be voted in as President.

So basically, Trump thinks that he can hurt America in order to become America’s most powerful person. Those two things logically contradict each other. People who don’t blindly follow Trump are aware of this.

Join us in holding the MAGA Republicans accountable for their actions. Stay informed about the political landscape and make your voice heard in the upcoming elections!
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